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God, I hate my parents. I didn't really want to go to the mall, I wanted to call Jane my friends and... hang out. But no, they made me take Claire. My life sucks.

However, I ran into Anya, of all people, in the HMV... and she invited me to a party. I'm gonna spend the night at her brother's place (where the party is) and then we'll both go to school together tomorrow. I told my parents I have to work on a project with Anya so I'm just gonna sleep over at her place. Aaaand... they totally bought it. Seriously, for how strict my parents are? They are completely retarded sometimes.

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wait while i twist your fate

So I'm still technically grounded from the internet. But I told my parents I needed to use it to research for a social studies essay. I lied, so sue me.

You'd think with being kept on such a tight leash by my parents that my grades would be better than ever before, but it's not the case. The closer they try to reign me in, the more ways I find to break their rules and go behind their backs. I don't get their need to be so controlling all the time.

I guess when I think about it, I have been doing a lot of shit I wouldn't normally do. Like swearing. Oops. But seriously, they can't keep me in a cage forever! It's a miracle they let me be on the Spirit Squad, really. My mom says it's "improper" for girls to be seen wearing practically nothing while they're prancing around in a field. Whatever, mom. Just because you do your collars up all the way to your chin doesn't mean I have to.

Speaking of Spirit Squad. Um, Manny? What the hell? Why exactly did you blind side me into accepting Mia? Do you secretly hate me?

Let's not even get into what I think of Mia Jones right now. I'm sure you've all heard that lovely little rumour she started spreading. I'm even more sure that you've all played your own parts in propagating it. Whatever. Yeah, me and Jane are friends. Friends spend time together. It's what they do. So naturally, Jane and I spend time together. Get over it people, seriously.

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Well, Claire is reading over my shoulder, which means she's probably gonna run and tell mom and dad that I really wasn't googling for information about whatever current event I made up on the spot when I said I needed to use the computer. I'll catch up on all you guys's entries later!



what the hell is wrong with me?

This weekend really sucks.

When I got home from Spirit Squad practice on Thursday, Mom was waiting for me at the door. Apparently Raditch had called her and told her that I'd changed the lock on my locker, and that I'm supposed to "report to detention" every day after school for the next week. Which includes no Spirit Squad practices. What the hell. The squad needs me. You should have seen them flailing around on Friday, trying to learn Manny's new choreography. It was a joke, honestly.

On top of that, Mom has grounded me for two weeks. All I did was change the lock, how bad can that really be? Oh, and here's the best part. She wants me to apologise to Jane! She said what I did to her was "cruel." Um, excuse me? I should probably see a doctor about the nasty scratches she left on my stomach... I probably caught rabies. And Mom says I'm cruel?!

Whatever. I'm so not spending the next two weeks holed up in my bedroom. Manny, where are you?

Feb. 28th, 2008

There's so many things I could be doing right now.  So many things I should be doing.  Things like calculus homework, or helping my mom with the dishes, or , you know, praying.  But none of those sound particularly appealing right now.

Although I can think of one appealing thing right now.  Quitting these ridiculous photo shoot with Peter sounds like a damn darn good idea.  I don't know what I was thinking, agreeing to these sessions.  I felt like I had something to prove, I just have no idea what.  It could be the fact I'm trying to pretend I don't have those kinds of feelings for one of my best friends.  Maybe that Christian girls aren't all prudish nuns?

Spirit Squad practice was fun today.  Especially after the practice... Manny and I took Peter's camera from him and were taking pictures.  Okay, so Manny thinks I deleted them all... but I saved a couple of the ones of her and I.  Hey, they're nice pictures, ok?!  I'm a far better captain than Paige Michalchuk could have ever hoped to be.  I mean, hello?  I got the squad awesome new uniforms, for one thing.  I give Manny Santos the time of day, for another.  Her choreographing is amazing and we're totally getting into regionals this year because of it.  Take that, Paige.  I'm starting to wonder if developing feelings for girls is a requirement for leading Degrassi's Spirit Squad.

Well, Mom is actually yelling for me to help with the dishes now, so I guess I should cut this off.  And then pray.  Like it matters.  I'm going to hell anyway.

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